Our Approach:

Healthy Environments by Design has a three phase approach to creating and designing healthy environments that are safer, more efficient and have increased value.

Our approach to investigating your environment is extremely thorough and addresses many aspects of the home or workplace.

Phase One:

Educate: We provide people with an understanding of the basic principles and elements that contribute to making homes healthy and efficient. As a result you will better understand how air, water, material and electricity affect your environment.

Phase Two:

Examine: We assess, and evaluate the likely causes of indoor contaminants by looking at every aspect of the environment from indoor air quality, building materials, water systems, moisture, thermal control to furnishings, cleaning products, and even beauty products and toiletries.

Phase Three:

Eliminate: We provide a full Healthy Environment Report and Resource Recommendation, and based on the findings we bring in the expert resources that can eradicate or mitigate the pollutants.

We are available to act as project managers to ensure that all the work is done and completed in a timely and efficient manner.